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  • Making dementia a priority locally

    I didn’t know what to expect. I have been to various conferences on dementia run by dementia charities in the past. They seemed to be stuck in a particular groove, with the same over-exhausted catchphrases and ambitions. I went to the Alzheimer’s Society annual conference yesterday just round the corner from Victoria Station in Westminster,…

  • Just how far low will Starmer stoop just to become Prime Minister in 2024?

    Keir Starmer is a rather simplistic man, or at least pretends to be. He predictably used the Coronation as an opportunistic grab to re-launch his flag and country credentials. But the nation is in crisis. Whilst Rishi Sunak has come up with a list of five things which he thinks he can deliver on –…

  • A delight of small things

    Sometimes you can’t predict everything. I like reading books. One book I really enjoyed was ‘The joy of small things’, by Hannah Jane Parkinson. The idea behind the book is pretty fundamental – to take a number of ‘small things’ like being a regular in a local café and to talk about them. It lead…

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Samantha and Olivia are both writers and activists.

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